Animal Print Looks I Love

Every year I feel someone is saying animal print is on trend, and it just hasn’t gone away. It’s a neutral in my closet, and I love it.

Here are a few pieces I’ve been eyeing. I recently purchased the leopard midi skirt and matching sweat outfit and can’t wait to wear.

Hydrafacial & Microneedling with Epi Center MedSpa San Francisco

Epi Center MedSpa | Microneedling | Hydrafacial | Brittany Gori

There are two things I justify spending money on: exercise and skincare. In my past life I swear I was a dermatologist, and have my mother to thank for teaching me at a young age to be mindful of starting a preventative skincare routine.

Prior to my wedding in 2014 I started to invest in regular facials at my neighborhood spa in San Francisco. While my skin did look amazing, it was a bandaid. If I went beyond 6-8 weeks between appointments my skin would get congested, my expression lines would appear deeper, and my skin coloring was dull. Two years ago, my best friend told me she started going to a med spa and was blown away by the results. I was intrigued, booked my first appointment, and now will ONLY visit a med spa when working on my face.

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Year One With Twins

First Twin Birthday | To B Candid | Twin Girls

Where do I even begin?

The saying you can’t do it all has never meant more to me. I unintentionally took over a year off from the blog simply because I couldn’t figure out how to add more hours to the day. With navigating motherhood to twins, working full time, attempted to keep up with relationships when possible, there just wasn’t a way to do it all. Not to mention any thought of “me time” was put on a back burner very, very far away.

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Winter Tights with Assets by Spanx

Assets by Spanx | To B Candid | Brittany Gori

Life is all about convenience for me these days. While I’ve always been a dress lover, I truly appreciate having fewer items to pick out when putting together a dress ensemble. The less I have to think these days, the better! Recently, Spanx created a new line of Assets by Spanx Reversible Tights sold at Target, and these will be my go-to all winter long. First and foremost, the control top is incredible; and second, the leggings are reversible! As someone who would purchase the original Spanx tights, I am so excited about the option to purchase these affordable miracle workers at one of my favorite retailers. The pair I’m wearing can be either black or brown – the perfect neutral for nearly any winter outfit. How often do we joke that we walk into Target needing one thing, and walk out with an entire cart?! I truly appreciate that this 2-in-1 item helps cut down the amount of things I need, and given I am buying double of everything for my littles, this is a huge win for me!

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