Bump-Date: 15 Weeks

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I officially turned 15 weeks last Friday, also known as almost 4 months — I never understood the significance of weeks until I got pregnant myself. Time is flying, and since I won’t go full term with twins, I’m just a couple weeks away from being half way cooked! I bought my first pair of maternity jeans over the weekend, and did a bunch of organizing to our apartment in between naps. I think it’s safe to say my nesting has started early. I haven’t done a pregnancy update yet, or bump-date as I will annoyingly refer to them, so this is the first update in the series.

Believe it or not, I actually started logging notes to write this post when I was only eight weeks pregnant. I wanted to write down my immediate thoughts before I had time to let the dust to settle, and to be as candid as possible about my experience. It should be noted that Justin and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store, however, since we were fortunate to get pregnant quick we experienced more shock than anything  else when first finding out.

Let’s put things into perspective, you spend your entire adult life trying not to get pregnant. Even though Justin and I knew right away that we were the ones for each other when we started dating over seven years ago, we also knew that we were in no rush for kids until we felt ready. For awhile we earmarked that we would maybe start trying around our two year anniversary, which was last October. Of course I was the one that didn’t feel ready, and though Justin never pressured me to do anything, he kindly remind me that with my personality I probably would never be ready. There will always be more professionally, personally, and financially that we feel we can accomplish, and at the end of the day we were in this together and would figure it out together.

Once we started trying for a baby we officially felt more adult. We’ve been budgeting more than ever to save for a house, which in the Bay Area seems nearly impossible to achieve. Our evenings out have been scaled back to nights in where we cook for each other to be cost efficient and healthy. I even see myself wandering through a store, eyeing an item, and then quickly walking away because I’d rather save for a nursery or put money into a savings account. The list goes on and on. I mean, what have I become?

So while I’ve been keeping notes of how I’ve been feeling since finding out we’re pregnant, I thought I would break it down into different categories.

How big are the babies? When I first got my pregnancy app (and we thought we were having one) the baby was the size of a blueberry. We’ve since learned we’re having twins, and now they’re size of avocados!

My initial reaction to finding our we’re pregnant: WTF, the test can’t be right. Like I said, you spend your whole life trying not to get pregnant, and in a matter of weeks our world changed entirely. Then factor in a couple weeks later we learned we were actually going to have TWO! The surprises kept coming, so while the excitement was there it was definitely masked by shock for some time. I have very close friends who have battled infertility so I am incredibly grateful for how lucky we are that we got pregnant so fast. I was only four weeks pregnant when we found out, and everything seemed to happen so quickly.

When did I get excited?: I took a test on a Saturday morning, and was in disbelief. This was during the holidays where I went to a couple events and almost grabbed a drink out of habit because it just didn’t feel real. When I woke up two mornings later it finally sunk in, and I starting to plan everything. I was going on Etsy and Pinterest thinking of ideas for how we’d tell our family and friends. However, it was the next week on a Sunday that Justin and I had a date night, and as we were driving through the city looking at all the holiday decor I turned to him and just yelled we’re going to have a little bambino! (Bambino is Italian for baby, and is also what we called the baby until we learned we were having twins). A week after the initial shock wore off we were elated and excited to tell our families at Christmas.

The Scares: That same Sunday night we had our date night was when I had my first scare. I left the table to use the restroom during dinner to find that I was spotting. It was almost a cruel joke that the universe was playing on me. First I am shocked, and when I finally come around, I thought that the heavy spotting was actually a sign of me miscarrying. Since no one knew we were pregnant, all I could rely on was Google and the research Justin would come up with. Come to find that spotting is common, especially at the beginning, but I felt that mine was more than what any article deemed normal. I then spent the next week getting blood work done to learn I had low progesterone (which can cause more spotting), but my results did confirm I was pregnant. After the Doctor looked at my levels he requested I come in a week earlier than we had scheduled. Of course, this threw me off and made me very nervous. When I questioned why he would move my appointment to an earlier time they advised it could be for a number of reasons. One outcome being that I was father along than we thought and it was time to see the Doctor, or the alternative was that I potentially was having an ectopic pregnancy (when the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus)*.  We found this out on Christmas Eve Eve and decided we still wanted to tell our families over the weekend because if there were any complications I wanted to be able to talk to my mom and sisters about it.

*Naturally, all the weird levels and heavy spotting was a result of twins, which of course no one could have pinpointed until the first ultrasound.

Body Changes: They say your body goes through so many changes from all the hormones. I’ve always had a full chest, but when I looked at myself half way through an Orange Theory class at around 3.5 weeks I looked offensive in my tank top! I should have known right then and there something was off. Overall, my body changes were pretty mild. I got weird patches of dry skin on my cheeks, and even got a rash on my neck. My gums on my right side were in so much pain for a day or two in the beginning that I thought I had a cavity (then my gf told me this as another common side effect). Overall, I had some occasional night nausea, but no morning sickness — I’m pretty thankful!

Twins? Tell me more!: I answered some common questions we received when we told friends and family we were having twins in our announcement post, here.

Cravings: No major cravings, but lots of food aversions. I really only feel like eating toast, grilled cheese, pasta, fruit, and basically anything with sugar in it. For someone that has never been a picky eater (and a huge meat lover), I feel like I eat like a four year old or mainly vegetarian because it’s all I can stomach.  I hear that changes after four months, and I can’t wait to have my full appetite back.

Life after 12 weeks (3 months): Exhaustion has an entirely new definition after becoming pregnant. As someone who has always able to push the envelope, stay up a little later to accomplish whatever project I’m working on, I’ve been pretty worthless in the evenings. I need eight hours of sleep or I almost feel sick during the day. This has significantly gotten better once getting past 12 weeks, and I’m fortunate I’ve been able to be my normal active self again. They say the second trimester is when you feel your best, so I’m trying to take full advantage of it!

Other tidbits: It’s crazy to see how different our dog, Holman, has been around me. For such a fluffy guy, he’s not much of a cuddler and he definitely has come up to lay by my stomach, or is often just following me around wherever I go. More importantly, it’s so amazing what growing our family has done for Justin and I. We’re so happy, and we both have this newfound appreciation for one another. He’s been incredible and is such an amazing caregiver — I’m so thankful for him!

What am I wearing: The same thing over and over, and whatever still fits. Ha! I started getting bloated around 7 weeks, and while the bloating has since gone down, I have an awkward stomach that kind of still fits into my jeans, but really it doesn’t. My favorite things are loose dresses/tops, and I’m often opting for my athleisure/yoga gear until I officially am out of the awkward Is she pregnant or nah? phase.





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