Bump-Date: 34 Weeks

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They really don’t lie when they say pregnancy flies by. I’m just over 34.5 weeks pregnant (8.5 months), and like I’ve said time and time again, I thank my lucky stars for a really great pregnancy. I never got nauseous or had morning sickness, I still don’t have indigestion or heartburn, until last week my feet/legs haven’t been crazy swollen, I worked out/remained active as long as I physically could, and I’ve had decent energy levels until the summer heat kicked in. However, they also don’t lie when they say that those last few weeks are rough. I wanted to share some of the crazy I’ve endured which has contributed to me being MIA, so here it goes…

The third trimester didn’t start off too bad. Then almost four weeks ago, the morning I turned 31 weeks pregnant, I got up to take our dog outside (without looking in a mirror), and my face just didn’t feel right. Justin went to work at the fire station the day before, and because his shifts are 48 hours long, I wasn’t planning to see him until the next day. As I got my phone out to call and say good morning, I decided to open my camera app to view my reflection to see why my face felt so different– well, it was because half of it actually wouldn’t move! I snapped a selfie, sent it to Justin, and called him immediately in a panic. Did I have an allergic reaction? A stroke? If I had a stroke, are the babies ok? Justin is actually a Firefighter Paramedic, so after I explained the situation he immediately responded that my symptoms sounded like Bell’s Palsy — which is paralysis or weakness to one side of the face. When you’re pregnant your immune system is naturally low making you more susceptible to catching a viral infection that could impact your nervous system. I called my OB immediately who advised to get an appointment with my General Physician or visit the ER if I couldn’t get in that day. After getting confirmation that I did have Bell’s Palsy, they suggested two different types of medicines for me to take, but also wanted me to call my OB because not all Doctors are okay recommending women taking the prescription while they are pregnant. My OB, who is one of the most highly rated Doctors in the Bay Area, advised to take the medicine because the molecules in the drugs would not pass through the placenta to harm the babies, and you really want to attack Bell’s Palsy head on as soon as possible.

*For those interested, I ended up taking an anti-viral medicine, and Prednisone (a steroid to help with the muscle inflammation). If you watched my Instagram Stories I candidly shared my facial paralysis for all to see (bare face and all). My case was rather mild so it started to return to normal in 5-7 days, and I also found an amazing acupuncturist who has treated Bell’s Palsy that I trusted to help with my situation.

The same day I woke up with Bell’s Palsy is also the day that we closed on our first home! So while we were in the homestretch of the pregnancy, we found a house in an amazing location that was a total fixer-upper, and we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I don’t know what we would have done without having our families and good friends close by — they came to our rescue to help unpack boxes, install our washer/dryer (which after years of city living feels like you won the lottery), brought us food, helped wash baby clothes, and reminded us that we have a pretty incredible village supporting us.

I’m an open book (clearly), and not shy talking about embarrassing things (we’re human, hello!). In addition to the above, I pretty much got handed the rest of the lovely side effects of the third trimester (minus indigestion and heartburn), and just felt it was necessary to list it all out.

  • Constipation (who am I kidding, that can happen the entire time)
  • Hemorrhoids (oh yes, apparently it’s inevitable for most due to the pressure of the baby/babies inside)
  • Swollen feet so big I actually had to buy new shoes a whole size larger mid-day between meetings because my feet looked like encased sausages and my ankle straps were on the last hole
  • Lower back pain that feels like a cinder block is sitting on the bottom of your spine crushing your nerves
  • Insane pelvic pain; and in my case, I have one baby so low in my pelvic bone there are some days I can’t move one leg in front of the other
  • Arthritis in my knuckles (as you near the end, your body releases a hormone that loosens your joints to make labor easier — sexy, I know)

So between the Bell’s Palsy, a new home that requires a lot of work, twins on the way in just a matter of weeks, prepping for my maternity leave where I work in Digital Advertising Sales, not having anything done in the nursery, and some days having such bad joint pain I can barely walk, it was safe to say the Doctor was putting me on a version of bedrest much sooner than anticipated. I learned in my weekly check-up last week that I am actually 1 cm dilated, and that in order to not go into early labor it was crucial for me to not leave my bed/couch and remain with my feet up. With twins, the goal is to make it to 36 weeks (which I turn on 7/21), exactly one day after my Doctor returns from a family vacation. So needless to say, I’m actually taking it easy. When you have twins you have to have a Doctor deliver you in an OR in case there are complications with either baby, and I really want my Doctor to deliver me versus someone I’ve never met. Then last week we experienced a crazy heat wave and I just couldn’t consume enough water. I woke up last Friday with irregular Braxton Hicks contractions, and an upset stomach that gave me flu-like symptoms (which others have said can be a sign you’re about to go into labor). After we did our hospital tour Saturday morning I wound up staying to get all my levels checked to confirm I wasn’t actually in labor. The good news was that the symptoms were a result of dehydration from the unavoidable heat we were experiencing, the bad news was that I missed celebrating my sister in law’s bridal shower. The remainder of the day had me drowning my sorrows in water, Pedalyte, and Ensure. Only a few more weeks until I can replace that with wine, only a few more weeks…

So, not to much surprise, the blog has gotten the back burner, and hopefully while I’m on bedrest I can catch up on some posts I’ve been wanting to write. In the meantime, I stopped buying maternity clothes now that I don’t have much time left being pregnant. I recently did a quick browse on Amazon to see if there were any inexpensive non-maternity dresses I could purchase that would also be comfortable to wear after the delivery while I wait for my overly inflated uterus to return to normal — I got to say, I’ve never purchased a dress on Amazon before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Pregnant or not, I love casual summer looks that require little effort and let you style it to show off your personality. This was definitely a great summer steal.

If you made it this far, thank you!! To those that sent well wishes throughout the last couple weeks because you saw me vent on IG stories — I read every single email/DM/comment, and your support meant the world to me. xx




Maternity Style | To B Candid | Brittany Gori | Pregnant with twins

Maternity Style | To B Candid | Brittany Gori | Pregnant with twins

Maternity Style | To B Candid | Brittany Gori | Pregnant with twins

Maternity Style | To B Candid | Brittany Gori | Pregnant with twins







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