Double the Love! We’re Pregnant!

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement





The secret is out – we’re pregnant! With Twins!

This past weekend Justin and I visited one of our favorite San Francisco landmarks, the Palace of Fine Arts, to share some pretty exciting news. This is the same spot in August 2013 where Justin proposed, so we thought it was appropriate to be here to share that in August 2017 we’ll be welcoming two little ones. I’ll be posting a full pregnancy update soon, but in the meantime I thought I would list some of the questions I frequently have been asked when sharing the news with friends and family.

Were you surprised? Very much so. We were lucky and were able to get pregnant quick (very quick!), so just finding out we were pregnant was a shock. Then being told we were having twins, well, I’ll let you know when the reality has set in on how it really feels.

Do twins run in your family? Apparently! Turns out it’s on both my mom and dad’s side, but it never really came up in dinner conversation. Ha!

How far along are you? Just over 3 months, or in pregnancy terms I’m 13.5 weeks.

When did you find out? Two weeks before Christmas, so we shared the news with our family on Christmas Eve.

How are you feeling? Have you had any morning sickness? I feel really great! Apparently, how you feel during your pregnancy is genetic and my mom had no issues — I’m fortunate to say I’ve been the same. There has been no morning sickness, but I would get the occasional night nausea around 5pm that would last until I went to sleep. Now that I’m out of the first trimester I feel really good again aside from some lower back/sciatica pain. However, I’ve always had back issues so I’m trying to treat it early before it gets worse.

Do you know the sex of the babies? Not yet, it’s still too early.

Are you going to find out? Definitely. Finding out we’re having twins was enough of a surprise!

What was Justin’s reaction? Is he just freaking out? He’s been perfect. Over the moon since day one, insanely excited, and definitely keeping me calm when I have my how are we going to do this moments.

When are you due? I’ll be full term (40 weeks) on August 18th, but my Doctor has advised I won’t go past the first week of August. So the little ones will arrive late July/early August!

If you have a boy and a girl that’ll be perfect, then you’re done! Actually, if we have two healthy babies that will be perfect! I think having the same sex will be so fun for them, it’ll be a built in best friend! We really have zero preference on what the outcome is.

Will you have more kids than the twins? Justin and I are both one of three, and from the first conversation we ever had about kids we agreed that we both wanted three. So being that twins run in my family, we could risk having another set of twins! We decided we’re going to cook this batch, see how they turn out, most likely have one more pregnancy, but have no idea when that’ll happen.

Do you have any idea what you think they are? Our money is on two boys, or one of each. Justin and I both have two sisters, and we just have this feeling that we’ll be getting some boys out of this to bring into the mix!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With lots of love,

Justin, Brittany, Holman + the Twins xx

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day Twin AnnouncementValentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement



Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement

Valentine's Day - Twins Pregnancy Announcement
I like to think we’re going to be great parents!

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