Five Ways to Help You Unwind

Making your home a hotel

There’s no place like home. Unless you’re me, and you get some of your best rest while you’re traveling. Maybe it’s the fact that I usually keep my schedule pretty hectic, so when I’m away it’s one of the few times I let myself focus on what’s in front of me. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on, especially with twins on the way, so it’s not much of a surprise that I jump on every opportunity to get away.

As much as I love gaining an hour of daylight with the time change, it totally throws me off. Recently we upgraded to a king bed, and we (I) couldn’t decide on which bedding to get. Justin could care less what it all looks like, he just wanted to avoid white (with two little ones and a pup that shares the bed with us) or anything too girly. So while I went on a mission to find new bedding, I also decided to make some changes to my nightly routine to ultimately create a more relaxed environment to mimic the feeling I get when staying at a hotel.

With the few changes I’ve made I have had more rested nights than I can ever remember. I jotted down the top things I changed or started doing that have really helped me, and wanted to share for anyone else that was looking for a trick or two to help catch more Zzz’s.

Feather Topper: Back in February over President’s Day weekend we stayed at the Bernardus Lodge for a getaway that we can always count on to help us slow down and reset. As I was snuggled up in the bed on our first night I was in utter bliss. I turned to Justin, sighed, and commented that we can’t spend this kind of money every time I want a good night’s sleep. It was right then and there I wanted our bedding to mirror theirs. The biggest game changer was purchasing a feather topper, one that was sectioned to keep things fluffy for longer periods of time and makes you feel like you’re resting on a cloud. Don’t forget to get a mattress cover that is thick enough to prevent those little feathers from poking you in your sleep. I grabbed this hypoallergenic cover, here, and it makes an amazing combo!

Lavender Mist: You always hear of all of the benefit of essentials oils, so while lavender may not be everyone’s favorite scent, I have found it to be so soothing and therapeutic. I chose to get a lavender mist that I have been spraying on my pillow before bed, and breathing in the scent immediately relaxes me.

Arnica Cream: This lotion has anti-inflammatory properties to naturally relax and soothe your muscles. I am really big on being active, and have continued to keep moving throughout my pregnancy. As I’m growing, my muscles definitely get fatigued faster. Sore or not, I love rubbing this lotion on my lower back or between my shoulders. It has similar properties to icy-hot, but without the extra strong smell that gets on everything.

Candles: I love me some candles. I switch up my scents often, but like to light a candle about an hour before I go to bed to help fill the room. There is something about the look of a flickering candle that is so spa-like that instantly makes me happier.

Bath/Evening Showers: One of the funniest things about going on vacation or staying in a hotel is you usually take advantage of all the amenities that are provided. I’m a big bath fan, but rarely take baths at home. When you take a bath you warm your body temperature enough that by the time you lay in the cool sheets your minutes away from counting sheep. I am definitely a morning shower kind of girl, but if I’ve had an extra stressful day or am wide awake in the evenings, a quick body rinse helps to relax my mind and muscles when I’m too impatient to draw a bath.

If any of you have any foolproof tricks that help you relax and get more sleep, please share! I’m always looking for new ways to unwind.



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