Learning to Love Mondays

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As much as I love to try and be my own person, there are a few things that I follow the masses on. One of them being that I dread Mondays. So much so that around 4pm on Sunday my happy-go-lucky weekend mood starts to disappear, and I mentally start to prepare my to-do list. The funny thing is that I love my jobs (I work in digital advertising full-time, and focus on my blog in my free time). So while I used to drag my feet on Mondays because I didn’t love something about my job, I’ve really thought to myself what is it that makes Mondays so awful?

Last Friday, I officially become 20 weeks pregnant. I’ll be sharing a bumpdate soon, but the 20 week mark is very exciting as it means you’re halfway through your pregnancy. For someone having twins, it means you’re even farther along as you typically don’t go the full 40 weeks. Time to me is so precious, so unless I’m being zapped with low energy, I try and take advantage of every single day knowing that I’m the only person I currently have to take care of. That meant starting today I wanted to learn to love Mondays, otherwise by the end of July I would have wasted 13 days (nearly two weeks!) wishing the days away. Not ok.

So far it hasn’t been as easy, but below are a couple things I’ve started to do to help get me through my Monday blues to jump start the week. PLUS! I have details below to enter a $1,000 Nordstrom gift card giveaway — if that doesn’t make your Monday better, than I don’t know what else will!

  1. I write a daily and weekly to-do list to kick off the week. The first 2-3 items need to be achievable by the end of the day so my Monday feels productive. The remainder of the list is comprised of my long term goals to help me stay productive throughout the week, or focus on a bigger goals.
  2. End my day with something I love. Normally, that means a nice glass of wine, so I’ve had to get inventive while being pregnant. I used to have Sunday nights be my pampering night, but I save either a bubble bath or my at-home mani/pedi for Mondays to give myself a little treat.
  3. Going out on a Monday. Most people hate doing this, but for me it works. I like to plan an early week date night or a workout class with a girlfriend (really anything that I look forward to that’s social) to have a little interaction to switch up the week. That being said, add a hobby you genuinely enjoy to your week. Blogging for me has been the creative outlet I needed for years, so if I’m not meeting with friends, going to a workout class (which I truly love doing), than I love sitting with my dog on the couch or parking it at a cute coffee shop and working on my blog. I find that devoting quality “me time” to myself helps me put more energy into the other things that I’m tasked to do.

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