Brittany Gori | To B Candid | Maternity Style

Above all things I wanted a healthy pregnancy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also hoped to try and maintain my personal style throughout the process. However, when I found out I was carrying twins my entire wish-list was put on the back burner — my chest grew rapidly, and I started showing earlier than most. To be honest, unless you have a planned twin pregnancy, there is no way to mentally prepare for the exponential growth to your family. When it came down to buying a new pregnancy outfit, or saving to buy twice the amount of goods, the answer was pretty easy.

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Bump-Date: 34 Weeks

Maternity Style | To B Candid | Brittany Gori | Pregnant with twins

They really don’t lie when they say pregnancy flies by. I’m just over 34.5 weeks pregnant (8.5 months), and like I’ve said time and time again, I thank my lucky stars for a really great pregnancy. I never got nauseous or had morning sickness, I still don’t have indigestion or heartburn, until last week my feet/legs haven’t been crazy swollen, I worked out/remained active as long as I physically could, and I’ve had decent energy levels until the summer heat kicked in. However, they also don’t lie when they say that those last few weeks are rough. I wanted to share some of the crazy I’ve endured which has contributed to me being MIA, so here it goes…

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Maternity Photos: Maui

Brittany Gori | To B Candid | Maui Maternity Photos | Stephanie Shevland Photography (Maui based) | Instagram: @mauiphotogirl @stephaniesheveland

In April, Justin and I celebrated our Babymoon in Maui, Hawaii. It was our first time visiting the island, so we were excited to explore and soak in the picturesque beaches that we had heard so much about. I was six months pregnant, and because I was unsure of what the future had in store for the rest of my pregnancy, we decided it would be perfect to do our maternity photos while we were on the island to document our trip. Similar to my Mamamoon, the goal of this trip was to unplug and enjoy each other’s company, not jet around looking for the most Instagram worthy pictures. While I can’t say that won’t be the case for our next trip, my compromise was to have one night of photos, and spend the rest of the week purely relaxing and embracing island time.

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Mamamoon: London and Paris

Prince de Galles | Paris, France | Mamamoon | To B Candid


One of my mom’s favorite pregnancy memories while carrying me is sharing that she went to France and Italy while she was three months pregnant. Since she couldn’t partake in drinking and was limited on what she could buy for herself, she spent her time in Paris eating tangerines, drinking mineral water, and buying baby clothes (primarily in all white since it was the days of not knowing the sex of the baby). Her favorite purchase was a YSL onesie with “pockets,” which at the time no baby clothes had pockets — this might explain how I turned out the way I did, le sigh. Regardless, this was my mom’s first and only trip to Paris. When we surprised our families over the holidays that we were expecting, it didn’t take my mom long to suggest taking advantage of the recently reduced airfare rates out of the Bay Area to revisit Paris for us girls. Putting my love for travel on hold is the one thing I know will be hard to give up when the babes arrive, so I couldn’t resist using my passport one last time before my days of travel require a lot more luggage. We coined the trip our Mamamoon, and for anyone that is extra close with their mom and will likely depend on them like life support to help with your kids, I highly suggest doing something special just you two before the arrival.

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Summer Wish List

Summer Accessories | To B Candid | Maternity Style

After taking an unexpected hiatus from the blog and social media. I’m back! True to the saying work hard, play hard, April was full of travel, while May was spent grinding away making up for lost time, and now it’s almost the middle of June (palm meet face). I’m now 30.5 weeks pregnant with twins (almost 8 months), and I’m close to measuring the size of someone who is full term. With potentially 7.5 more weeks to go, I’m getting a little nervous what the end result might look like. I’ve already outgrown some of my maternity clothes, and am heavily rotating the remaining 3-5 dresses that still fit while relying on accessories and outerwear to make it seem like I’m not wearing the same thing all. the. time.

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