Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina | Magnolia Plantation | Nordstrom Rose Colored Dress and Vest | To B Candid

The word winter has been so foreign to me the last handful of years in California. With the extended rain that has taken place into spring, Justin and I couldn’t have thought of a better escape than to head south to visit his family for a much needed long weekend. It wasn’t until a few years ago that some of Justin’s family and grandma moved to the south, so it was actually our first visit to the state! I’ve had Charleston on my bucket list of places to visit in the US for years, and it was such a treat that our trip exceeded expectations. Without a doubt, my favorite cities to visit are the ones where locals can share their favorite go-to spots or even act as our tour guides. We left with such a love for the area that we are dreaming of renting a beach house for our next trip back to stay longer — what’s even more bizarre to think is that we’ll have the twins with us for when we return! Eek!

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White Ruffle Jacket

Topshop White Ruffle Jacket | Pink Details | To B Candid

The past couple weeks have been nothing shy of chaotic. I feel like I’m racing against the clock to accomplish a million things whether it be for work or personal matters, and I’m a little desperate for things to slow down a pinch. I’m sure if they did I’d find something to fill that time with, but a girl can dream. Regardless, I recently scored some amazing work + play pieces that are ideal to travel with — which for me means I don’t need to rely on ironing or steaming anything!

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Learning to Love Mondays

Brittany Gori | To B Candid

As much as I love to try and be my own person, there are a few things that I follow the masses on. One of them being that I dread Mondays. So much so that around 4pm on Sunday my happy-go-lucky weekend mood starts to disappear, and I mentally start to prepare my to-do list. The funny thing is that I love my jobs (I work in digital advertising full-time, and focus on my blog in my free time). So while I used to drag my feet on Mondays because I didn’t love something about my job, I’ve really thought to myself what is it that makes Mondays so awful?

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Spring Refresh For Under $100

Spring Refresh Accessories - Under $100!

One day the sun is shining, the next day I’m fearful of the grey clouds above me. I can’t keep up. Not to mention, this week I’m in Portland + Seattle for work with expected rain, and next week I’m in Vegas where it’ll be a lovely 80* degrees. My poor skin is going to look so disastrous from all the climate change and recycled air. Eesh. With the wide range of temperature changes, I’ve been having fun mixing and matching the lighter pieces that I’m itching to wear, and pairing them with the practical pieces that are needed to survive the last bit of chill.

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On A Budget: Work Style Basics and Accessories

Maternity Work Style #jcrew #ingrid&isabel #madewell

Happy first day of Spring! I can’t tell you how excited I am for warmer weather as wearing dresses makes being pregnant 1000x easier! Everyone expresses themselves in different ways, and I more often than not use my wardrobe to channel my mood. If you’ve been following along for some time, you may have read in my previous post, here, that this year is all about budgeting. With twins on the way, and the real motivation of wanting to buy a house, I’ve been struggling to reinvent my look without breaking the bank. As a result, I’ve been heavily relying on basics and accessories to help me through my pregnancy because having to buy all new sizes makes me want to cry (from cost, not from getting bigger).

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