Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

Palace of Fine Arts Engagement

It feels like yesterday I was celebrating our engagement, and preparing for our wedding day. Among all the love that was showered upon us during our engagement there were a handful of things I received that were incredibly useful, and I find myself gifting these items time and time again. With the majority of engagements taking place from the holidays through Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some of my very favorite items to gift throughout the wedding process for the lovely ladies in your life.

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ASOS Black Jumpsuit + Adulting

ASOS black jumpsuit - To B Candid

This year definitely did not start off as expected, but such is life. We moved apartments unexpectedly, work has been the good kind of crazy/busy, Justin has been at the fire station non-stop (so much so I tease him I’m living alone), and we’ve had to take our pup, Holman, to the ER twice (he’s ok though!).  If you’ve been following me for awhile you may have picked up that I coined 2016 the Year of Yes. With minimal responsibilities, we took advantage of every trip and opportunity presented to lay the foundation for having a strong 2017.

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The Slip Dress

Asos Slip Dress

This past weekend went by in the blink of an eye. Between family outings, baby showers, the San Francisco Women’s March, and tackling some of my to-do list, it was definitely a fulfilling weekend. Having a lazy Sunday was ideal, and the rain forced me into relaxation mode while watching the NFL Playoffs on the couch.

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Hello 2017

Top Shop Grey Ruffle Sweater

Last December I coined 2016 the Year of Yes. I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity, travel to new places, deepen relationships, and give more attention to To B Candid. Unlike years past, where my resolution would start to fizzle towards the end of February, I lived each day of 2016 to the fullest. My Nonno always said you have to live for today, but pay for tomorrow. I decided to just live for today, which is why 2017 will be a year of budgeting and adulting. *le sigh*

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