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After taking an unexpected hiatus from the blog and social media. I’m back! True to the saying work hard, play hard, April was full of travel, while May was spent grinding away making up for lost time, and now it’s almost the middle of June (palm meet face). I’m now 30.5 weeks pregnant with twins (almost 8 months), and I’m close to measuring the size of someone who is full term. With potentially 7.5 more weeks to go, I’m getting a little nervous what the end result might look like. I’ve already outgrown some of my maternity clothes, and am heavily rotating the remaining 3-5 dresses that still fit while relying on accessories and outerwear to make it seem like I’m not wearing the same thing all. the. time.

The weeks have been flying by. A few highlights: I recouped from back to back trips in April to spend time with friends, family and getting some sun on our babymoon, celebrated my baby shower and birthday in May, and the biggest shake up: we’re moving in two weeks (again)! It’s hard for me to wish for the next few weeks to fly by as I’m trying to savor as much of my pregnancy as possible, but I’m really looking forward to finally feeling settled and letting myself nest. There has been little time to myself as I prep for my maternity leave at work and begin to pack for our upcoming move — it also doesn’t help that my body is ready to shut down every night around 8:30pm. Since I currently have no vacations or opportunities to wear anything cute in the near future, I gathered some of the pieces I’ve been eyeing for you all to enjoy.

Happy shopping + cheers to sunshine and lazy summer days ahead!











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